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Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) describe a class of Systems that provide information in Real-Time about the Location of objects, animals, people or just about anything you care to imagine.

Real Time: Information on the location of the relevant object / person is available now or with a very short latency.
Location: The system provides information on the position of an object / person in a form that can be used to relate them to their environment:

  • as a symbol overlaid on a map or a floor plan
  • as an audible tone that indicates the proximity to the object
  • some other method that provides meaningful information to the users of the system

System: This information is gathered, processed and delivered using a collection of hardware and software technologies in an organized and structured way


In recent years, indoor positioning has emerged as a critical function in many end-user applications; including military, civilian, disaster relief and peacekeeping missions. In comparison with outdoor environments, sensing location information in indoor environments requires a higher precision and is a more challenging task in part because various objects reflect and disperse signals. Ultra WideBand (UWB) is an emerging technology in the field of indoor positioning that has shown better performance compared to others.

Why UWB?

Indoor tracking in industrial environments often requires very precise localization. For this purpose, we offer solutions based on the short-range radio technology Ultra-wideband (UWB). It does not work with consumer standards such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy, but offers an accuracy better than 30 cm.

Indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband has some significant advantages: The accuracy is 10-30 cm, which is considerably better than when working with beacons (1-3 meters) or Wi-Fi (5-15 meters). Latency time is very low (position request up to 100 times/second). Height differences can be measured accurately. However, the technique is a special solution which requires appropriate components and thus is mostly suitable for special industry applications.


Econais RTLS

Although UWB sensor technology provides the best-in-class accuracy, this might not be enough. Obstacles, walls and other factors might affect the expected results.

Econais has developed advanced, proprietary technology that takes advantage of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms that deliver the most precise results

Moreover, Econais RTLS provides a graphical environment, incorporating a toolset of  dashboards, monitoring and analytics utilities, to illustrate historical data and current status.

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