Overall Architecture

Econais RTLS consists of a combination of hardware nodes (anchors + tags) and advanced software algorithms running ‘at the edge’ (at the customer’s premises), and on the cloud. Econais provides a rich software toolkit that automates the initial configuration, enables real-time monitoring of the installation, while facilitating the analysis of historical data, through the use of meaningful dashboards and graphs.

Econais RTLS Hardware Nodes

  • ~10cm accuracy
  • 60m line-of-sight range
  • Wi-Fi (Anchors) & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Low power consumption (tags) ~ 30mA @ 2Hz update rate
  • Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Updates
  • Paired with low-power, 3-axis, linear accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer to provide ‘Direction of Sight’ information
  • On-board Battery Management circuit
  • Supply voltage: 2.8 V to 3.6 V / Alternatively 5V using on-board voltage regulator

Econais RTLS – Cloud Platform Architecture


1) Indoor Map Creator

2) Anchor Configuration & POI Configuration

3) POI / Indoor configuration Management


1) Real-Time Tag Location Detection

2) Auto Calibration: After floor map is created and first 3 Anchors / POIs / Indoor Setup have been configured the system auto-positions any additional anchor that is detected

3) Best-in-class location detection accuracy making use of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms


Real-Time View

Historical Data


After having configured the floor map, POIs and internal building setup, the system is ready to export routing services

Econais Edge Platform

Edge Platform is a mirror of a Server’s subset functionality, that exports real-time visualization and control

Benefits of having local ‘brains’

  • Real-Time response times
  • Works even in case of poor or no Internet connectivity
  • Security [control over the information that is uploaded]