Evaluation Kits

Option 1: Distance Finder Kit

System consisting of one anchor board and one tag board, along with a USB-to-Serial cable.

The ‘Distance Finder Kit’ measures and reports the distance between the two boards.

Th Anchor board is connected to a PC through the USB-to-Serial cable and reports the measured distance to a serial console.

PRICE: €300

Option 2: Position Finder Kit

A system consisting of a number of Econais RTLS nodes (tag-anchors), a mini-server and wi-fi router that focuses on estimating the position of the tag inside a building

A mini-server (RPi) provides a subset of the Platform’s tools and functionality to a) configure the system, b) compute he position, c) visualize the results

PRICE: €1000

Option 3: Development Kit

Position Finder Kit + 50 hours support




PRICE: €5000

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